Solitek is at the forefront of sustainable home energy solutions with the launch of NOVA, an innovative, smart residential battery crafted in Europe. Designed for stackability, NOVA boasts an impressive energy storage capacity of up to 40 kWh, making it one of the top contenders for storage capacity in today’s market.

As a leader in renewable energy, Solitek is committed to integrating cutting-edge technology into its offerings. NOVA is engineered to efficiently store energy and transform home energy management. In an era of fluctuating electricity costs and grid uncertainty, NOVA is poised to become an essential household appliance. It seamlessly integrates with your home’s devices to manage energy flow intelligently, incorporating a smart AI control box, battery modules, a hybrid inverter, and a smart meter.

Key Benefits of SoliTek’s NOVA Smart Residential Battery Include:

  • Cost Savings: Utilizing AI, NOVA monitors dynamic electricity rates to purchase energy at minimal costs, thereby reducing your electricity bills.
  • Reliable Backup: The battery ensures uninterrupted power, maintaining the operation of electrical appliances during outages.
  • Highest Capacity: With up to 40 kWh of energy storage, NOVA stands out as one of the most substantial residential batteries, capable of supporting a family of four for days, even in winter conditions.
  • Support for Three-Phase Appliances: NOVA guarantees the operation of three-phase appliances during power cuts, ensuring that devices like heat pumps remain operational.
  • Enhanced Power: The battery not only acts as a power bank but also allows for the installation of solar power systems with outputs beyond grid limitations.

NOVA distinguishes itself with advanced smart functionalities, optimizing energy usage through AI algorithms that account for dynamic electricity prices, weather forecasts, and consumption patterns. It intelligently plans charging cycles to capitalize on lower energy prices, ensuring efficient use of both solar energy and grid electricity based on time-of-day rates and seasonal variations.

Capable of stacking up to 8 battery modules, each offering 5.12 kWh of electricity, NOVA provides scalable energy solutions tailored to individual consumption needs, allowing for incremental capacity expansion.

NOVA goes beyond traditional energy storage, offering a comprehensive home energy management system that includes a battery control unit, lithium-ion and iron phosphate (LFP) battery modules, a hybrid inverter integrating solar panels and home networks, and a smart meter with a user-friendly app for comprehensive energy flow management.

As the smartest battery system on the market, NOVA adapts to changing energy consumption and market conditions, ensuring optimized solar utilization and cost savings. Solitek backs NOVA with a 10-year warranty, underscoring its commitment to quality and durability.

“NOVA is more than just an energy storage solution; it represents a significant advancement in home energy management,” remarked Julius Sakalauskas, CEO of Solitek. “With its advanced AI capabilities, NOVA learns from your household’s energy habits, maximizing efficiency and savings from solar energy utilization.”


Nova Smart Home Battery is now available in Scotland through the distributor Dualline Limited T/A Optimal Power.