Solitek has recently launched its latest product, specifically designed for carport applications. These panels feature durable 3 mm glass on each side and are supported by an anodized aluminum frame. They have been certified for overhead glazing by the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) and boast class 4 hail resistance.

The new 370 W bifacial, dual glass-framed panels respond to growing market demand, particularly noted by installation professionals, according to Solitek’s CEO, Julius Sakalauskas. He stated, “We decided to include a framed module option within our Solid line, typically known for its frameless products, to facilitate easier installation without compromising the exceptional durability our modules are known for. The increased glass thickness enhances the modules’ resilience, allowing them to endure significant snow and hail impacts.”

Certified by DIBt, these modules are classified for use as overhead glazing. They are designed to withstand hail impacts (class 4), carry a fire class A rating, and can endure snow loads of up to 10,500 Pa and wind loads up to 5,400 Pa.

The panels are composed of 60 p-type monocrystalline M6-sized PERC cells, delivering a power output of 370 W with an efficiency of 19.57%. Each panel measures 1782 mm x 1061 mm x 35 mm and weighs 32 kg. They operate with an open-circuit voltage of 40.50 V and a short-circuit current of 11.18 A, supporting a maximum system voltage of 1,000 V.

Designed for durability and high performance, these panels are equipped with an IP 68-rated junction box and a black anodized aluminum frame. The module features antireflective coating on the front glass and float glass on the rear, making it suitable for operating temperatures between -40°C and 85°C, with a temperature coefficient of -0.32% per degree Celsius.

Solitek offers a 30-year product warranty for these carport panels, ensuring that the power output will not fall below 87% of the nominal output power after 30 years, guaranteeing long-term reliability and performance.

Solitek panels are now available to installers in Scotland through the distributor Dualline Limited T/A Optimal Power.