Have you ever wished for an EV charger that could harmonize with your home or office décor? The
TeltoCharge EV charger delivers on this front with its changing front plate feature.

Front plate color options

Choose from a curated selection of 5 sophisticated colors: Accoya Wood, Granite Brown, Burgundy, Winter White and Slate Grey. Whether you desire a charger that matches your EV's hue or complements the external beauty of your edifice, TeltoCharge caters to you.


Your home. Your style. The TeltoCharge magnifies the essence of individuality by granting users the privilege of molding their charger to their aesthetic preferences. Eager for a shift in ambiance? Swap out the front plate, and it feels as though you have acquired a brand-new gadget.


We often yearn for a fresh ambiance. But a makeover can be financially draining. Here is where the multi-plate TeltoCharge enters the fray. Fancy a different ambiance? Merely obtain a new front plate. Experience the versatility of 5 chargers in 1, minus the hefty price tag.

Control via APP and Bluetooth

The charger is controlled via an app, which connects with the phone through Bluetooth, allowing for a seamless integration and user experience.

CT clamps support

Efficiency couples with state-of-the-art technology. With CT clamp support, users can effectively monitor and manage their EV’s energy consumption.

Solar charging support

With TeltoCharge, you can effectively tap into the solar reservoir. How does it set itself apart in this domain?

Solar Charging Modes

1. Solar Only Charging: Dive into the realm of green energy. Power your EV with 100% solar power, reinforcing your commitment to the environment.

2. ECO+ Charging: A delightful fusion. Reap the advantages of both solar and traditional energy, with a bias for the former.

3. ECO Charging: A safeguard during those overcast spells. Guarantees undisturbed charging, irrespective of the solar energy at hand.


Depending on the solar surplus, users can craft their charging blueprints, maximizing solar yield during sunlight-rich intervals.

Dynamic load balancing

The TeltoCharge perfects energy utilization by dynamically calibrating the load, optimizing your EV’s
recharging journey.

OCPP 1.6 support

Being interconnected is pivotal. With OCPP 1.6 backing, TeltoCharge introduces diverse connectivity avenues like an Ethernet port, WiFi, and an optional GSM for the discerning user.

Technical specifications

Let’s delve into the technical essence of TeltoCharge:

  • 7,4 kW power option
  • Tethered and untethered
  • Inside PEN fault protection
  • Integral 6mA DC leakage detection (IEC62955)
  • Tamper-protection boundary.
  • OZEV compliant
  • CE & UKCA certified
  • 36 months warranty
  • Made in EU


The TeltoCharge combines aesthetics, functionality, and top-tier technical features with the goal of delivering the latest technological advancements to the market.


Q: Can users alternate between different solar charging modes?
A: Yes, users have the autonomy to effortlessly switch between Solar Only, ECO+, and ECO Charging modes.

Q: What magic does dynamic load balancing weave?
A: It refines power consumption during the charging process by adaptively adjusting the load.

Q: How does one command the TeltoCharge remotely?
A: Using a dedicated app that communicates with the charger via Bluetooth, ensuring a cohesive experience.

Q: How many shades are on offer for the front plate?
A: TeltoCharge presents five elegant hues: Accoya Wood, Granite Brown, Burgundy, Winter White and Slate Grey.

Q: Is GSM a default connectivity module in TeltoCharge?
A: No, GSM connectivity is an optional feature tailored to user preferences.