Teltonika Energy is a part of Teltonika IoT Group

IOT Solutions

Teltonika IoT Group is a leading developer and manufacturer of IoT (internet of things) solutions in the world.

With 24+ years of experience, Teltonika company group unites more than 2300+ employees in 19 countries, working across 26 local offices. Our newest technologies and our considerable experience in design and manufacturing help us to produce modern, high-quality, safe IoT devices. We are proud of being a global company that helps people worldwide through our innovative solutions in Energy, Networks, Mobility, Telematics, Healthcare, and other industries.

Product Development

At Teltonika Energy we are in full control of all product development stages, this way we can make sure that we deliver only the best quality products to both our clients and end customers.

We have our own:

  • Manufacturing facilities in Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Technology centre in Molėtai, Lithuania
  • Sourcing and Supply office in Hong Kong, China

Worldwide Brand

Today the Teltonika brand is well known all over the world, and the IoT solutions developed by our company have been successfully helping people for more than 24 years now.

However, the road to success was paved with obstacles and required persistence and courage. Now we face challenges as well, but by working together, respecting each other, and trusting each and every member of the Teltonika family, we truly excel in successfully solving all the challenges and obstacles in our way.

Starting as a 2-person company we are now 2300+ people strong and keep growing at an astonishing rate. By 2030, we expect to have more than 30,000 employees working globally.

Teltonika IoT Group manufacturing capacity currently reaches half a million IoT devices per month. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg considering our technical capabilities. In addition to this, we are currently building Teltonika Technology and manufacturing centre, which will dramatically increase our capabilities.

So far we have produced more than 21+ million Teltonika IoT devices that have been manufactured, shipped and deployed. What a great result! By the way, automated soldering, testing, assembly, and other manufacturing aspects have been made more efficient recently.

A very important part of our business is having to rely on NO external partners when manufacturing is concerned.

Made In Europe

Like all Teltonika IoT Group products, our devices are made in a modern manufacturing facility in Lithuania.

We just moved into a brand new facility in 2020.
With strict processes and state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to ensure the highest quality products.
Currently, we have:

  • 8000+ square meters facticity;
  • 6 (+1) modern SMT lines;
  • 3 semi-automatic assembly lines;
  • We are currently expanding our output capacity to a brand new Manufacturing facility in Molėtai.